How will COVID-19 transform fashion? Top designers share exclusive ske

We reached out to a range of American designers, asking them to imagine the garments we’d want to wear on the other side of the pandemic. Virgil Abloh, Tracy Reese, and Prabal Gurung sent us exclusive sketches that represent their vision for the future of fashion. The sketches reflect their personal tastes and aesthetics, but they’re also an intimate insight into their worldview. The designers have taken their sketches in very different directions, from Abloh’s focus on the Black Lives Matter protests, to Gurung’s suggestion that fashion is always tethered to hope, to Reese’s optimism in the face of darkness.

Fashion illustration has a long history, going back to the 16th century, as a way for designers to think through their future creations. The process is a way for designers to explore new ideas, tap into their creativity, and discover new sources of inspiration. Here are three modern sketches from

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