Horrified wedding guests slam ‘gross’ dish of eggs with peanut butter and JAM & they hate it came on a paper plate too

WEDDINGS may have changed lately but there’s usually one thing you can bank on – a slap up meal. 

A free bar and a buffet or a three-course are the perks of making it onto the guestlist, which is why people were horrified to be served a dish of eggs – and peanut butter. 

A snap shows the 'gross' meal of peanut butter and jam served inside an egg


A snap shows the ‘gross’ meal of peanut butter and jam served inside an eggCredit: Facebook

Devilled eggs wouldn’t be out of place at a wedding spread, but guests were less than impressed to find they’d been stuffed with jam and the nutty spread. 

The caterer’s dish was branded ‘disgusting’, after a snap of the bizarre meal ended up on Facebook – which was also served on a paper plate. 

Seemingly proud of their creation, the chef said: “Eggs filled with peanut butter and jam.

“Great for kids birthdays, can do 12 for $20

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Parents slam Fashion Nova’s clothing range for 3-year-olds as ‘creepy’

Parents have slammed a fashion label for selling ‘creepy’ clothes that ‘sexualise’ children.

Fashion Nova has been blasted for selling suggestive items to kids as young as 3 years old, including skimpy dresses, leather trousers and backless dresses.

The pieces are designed to match adult versions available on the site. 

The Nova Kids line was launched late last month but has garnered controversy for the way in which its child models pose in a grown-up manner.

Social media users slammed some of the images from the LA-based fashion label for being ‘creepy and gross’.

What do you think about the outfits? Have your say in the comments below.

Some parents have branded the new range as “creepy” and “gross”

One user wrote on Twitter : “Wtf is Fashion Nova thinking with their kids line? Creepy and gross af… as

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