5 Signature Park Jimin Fashion Moves That Make Us Soft


There are many reasons why millions of people across the globe count Park Jimin as their ultimate bias. Of course there’s his delicate, sensual voice — equally deft at soaring and slithering through ballads as it is at punctuating a pop dance hit that just so happens to be the song of summer (stream “Dynamite” for clear skin!). He’s an adorably impish idol whose favorite hobbies include getting scolded by the other BTS members for being late and giggling so hard he falls out of his chair. There’s his absolutely hypnotic and gravity-defying dancing (perhaps he’s too pretty for the laws of physics to apply to him). There’s his philanthropy and his sincere, unwilting love of his fans. 

Oh, and did I mention he’s gorgeous? His beauty is mythic. His Bratz doll lips, his ‘90s Leonardo DiCaprio hair — did the phrase “devastatingly handsome” exist before Park Jimin was

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