Italian Wedding soup is perfect for fall evenings


More soup this week because it’s fall. About this time of year we all start thinking about the holidays to come: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not sure what any of those holidays will look like this year. Although I guess Halloween is canceled in College Hill. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I read that news from the neighborhood association. It feels like the responsible thing to do this year. So what will everyone do on Halloween night? Perhaps gather in very small groups? One friend suggested a candy hunt – similar to an Easter Egg hunt. That seemed like a fun idea.

This week’s recipe is a quick version of Italian Wedding soup. This recipe usually has meatballs in it, and sometimes a small pasta, too, which you could easily add. I found inspiration for this soup on Instagram. It was a list of ingredients, and I

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The results of this Thai-style soup are worth all the effort

Right next to taffy apples and pumpkin spice lattes, butternut squash soup is one of my favorite fall foods.

But I have to admit this dish gives me pause. There’s always the cost-benefit analysis that goes into any decision — and making soup is no different.



On the plus side, this version combines the classic creamy soup with the warming flavors of Thai cuisine — red curry paste, ginger, lemongrass and fresh lime.

In the red column, this is going to require a certain amount of effort. First, there’s the shopping. I don’t typically have curry paste, lemongrass or even fresh ginger on hand.

Then there’s the prep work. This soup definitely requires a bit of elbow grease — peeling the ginger, smashing the lemongrass. Never mind, cutting the squash itself — an onerous task, to be certain.

Not to sound lazy, but is this going to be worth all

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