Up To 40% Off Shopbop, Splendid, & More Fashion Deals That Won’t Wait For Prime Day

For all you deal huntresses whose calendars are marked and alarms set for the wee hours of October 13, we see you. The virtual retail world’s famed Amazon Prime Day is about to drop, bringing with it the glorious onslaught of sale prices we’ve been waiting for since, well, last year’s Prime Day. If you’re the kind of cyber-shopping enthusiast who can hardly wait until next week’s two-day extravaganza officially kicks off, then you’re in luck — because there’s already a handful of up to 40% off Amazon Fashion sales that also couldn’t wait.

To help you score the right deals on the right goods at the right times, we lined up all the early-bird promotions that are quickly making their way onto the radars of the internet’s most discerning deal-seekers: from a range of discounted goods on The Shop by Shopbop store to always on-trend brands like ASTR the

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