I’m a Beauty Editor, and These Are the Products I Would Never Splurge On

Few things in life fill me with more joy than opening up the lid of a seriously luxurious beauty product. It’s shallow, I know, but there’s something about the feeling I get when I know I’m treating myself to something great. I guess that famous advertising tag line sums it up so well: It’s because I’m worth it, right? That’s essentially how consuming luxury beauty products makes me feel, whether that’s treating myself to a nourishing hair mask or taking the time to really massage in my nightly moisturiser.

Having said that though, there are certain products I prefer to buy on a budget. While some high-end alternatives to my budget beauty favourites are wonderful, when it comes to spending my hard-earned cash, the budget buys win. After many years of testing and trialling new beauty launches, I have come to discover that certain products just aren’t worth a great … Read More

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