ARKANSAS SPORTSMAN: Substance follows style when sighting in rifles

“That’s a dead deer, but not dead enough.”

I said it Friday while sighting in a couple of muzzleloaders. “Trying” to sight in a couple of muzzleloaders is more apt. Despite multiple bullet, powder and primer combinations, I could not get either rifle to consistently put a bullet in a tight enough area to kill a whitetailed deer at 100 yards.

Meanwhile, a friend was experiencing the same problem with a pair of centerfire rifles. Veteran readers of this column might remember The Witness. In 2007, we scoured the Mississippi River bottoms in Phillips County for weeks trying to kill a black squirrel. There is no reason why The Witness’ rifles should have grouped so inconsistently. Every component is custom. One barrel costs more than both of my completed muzzleloaders combined.

One of my muzzleloaders is a .50-caliber Thompson/Center Omega Z5 with a custom laminated Boyd’s stock and a Nikon

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