It took decades and a lot of faith for Colorado Springs pianist to chase his musical gift | Lifestyle

You could call them angels, those who have saved John Redmon’s life in one way or another.

There’s his mother, Cynthia, who noticed her 3-year-old throw down his toys when a song came on the TV to pretend-play the keys along to the beat. Cynthia, a pianist herself, began to pass on the gift a couple years later. Redmon remembers sitting next to her on a church piano bench while his little fingers hit one note at a time to form the melody of “Jesus Loves Me.”

There’s the man who called 16 years ago about Redmon coming to sing at a Baptist church in Colorado Springs. Redmon left his life in Atlanta behind for the gig and has never looked back.

And there’s Louis Armstrong, whose voice Redmon relies on to make money as an impersonator.

But, personally, Redmon tends to reserve the word “angel” for a woman by

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