85 Years Ago – Courthouse Square’s model home to open | Local History

Oct. 5, 1935

Model Home set to open on square

After weeks of work, the Model Home on Courthouse Square was set to open its doors on Oct. 7.

Alfred Hagen, regional director of the federal housing administration, turned the keys to the model home over to Mrs. Harold Scragg, general chairwoman of the woman’s division of the Better Housing Committee of Scranton and Dunmore. The members of the women’s division would serve as hostesses when the model home was open for visitors.

The model home was an old cottage that once stood in Dunmore. The building was relocated to Courthouse Square in June. Contractors and building goods suppliers renovated the cottage into a modern home.

The furnishings and decorations for the home were put together by Harriet Seifert, of Stoehr & Fister; Dorothy Peck, of McKelvey and Bolling; Lee Donnolly; and Howard Wilkins.

The landscaping around the home was

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