The Trendsetter for High Fashion in the Streetwear Culture

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2020 / Catching the public eye for its unique fashion craze is the rising lifestyle brand Kloth Magazine. With its vast network of clothing brands, fashion models, and influencers flaunting new styles, many fashion enthusiasts have turned to this brand for their daily dose of fashion ideas.

Kloth Magazine is a brand promoting high fashion in the streetwear culture. It is a fashion hub “where culture lives” as it flaunts different styles and trends in the high fashion world. From flaunting high-end garments and kicks to displaying other angles of luxury living, the brand truly sets the trend in the fashion community. “Living out that sought out luxurious lifestyle is what we represent and base our content on,” says the founder of the brand Abrahim Harb.

Behind the success of Kloth Magazine is its founder, Abrahim Harb, who spearheads the brand. Initially,

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