‘The Glorias’ review: Surreal style overwhelms substance of Steinem biopic

Feminist icon Gloria Steinem is on a TV talk show in the 1970s, being interviewed by a smug, leering, sexist and condescending male host, who looks her up and down and says, “That’s a pretty sexy outfit. … I hope you’ll forgive our masculine notion that you are an absolutely stunning sex object.”

When the host asks the “question,” Alicia Vikander is playing Steinem. When Gloria answers with, “This is my uniform: black jeans, black long-sleeved top, minimalist,” she’s played by Julianne Moore.

Things get ever more surreal, as the set is suddenly draped in red and orange, and Steinem emerges wearing a nun’s habit, and then we see her in a Playboy bunny outfit, and then we’re in a “Wizard of Oz” scenario complete with swirling tornado and a “witch” on a broom, and

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