High-end brand disrupts toxic clothing stereotypes with new tartan dress for men

a group of people standing next to a person: Tartan dress for men. Photo: Website/ Gucci

Tartan dress for men. Photo: Website/ Gucci

Clothing has become a form of expression. A lot of people including celebrities like Ranveer Singh and Billy Porter have given us some of the most iconic sartorial moments in the past that have shattered the toxic stereotypes.

Some pieces of clothing are for men and some can only be worn by women, these are the sentences that are a thing of the past now. High-end couture brand Gucci has also joined this club and is trying to shatter the stereotypes related to clothing while giving a loud and clear message with their tartan dress for men.

Tartan Dress for men

Gucci explored gender fluidity with clothes in their Fall Winter 2020 collection. The fashion house released a grunge look for men from the 90s that was aimed at disrupting the toxic stereotypes that mould masculine gender identity.

According to the website, the

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