Lucid Air base sedan targets Tesla Model S, with 406-mile range for $77,400

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Lucid is going after the Tesla Model S with its base-model Air sedan, which will pack 406 miles of range on a single charge, with a starting price of $77,400 (or $69,900 after the $7,500 federal tax credit). With this announcement, Lucid’s four initial models are locked in, offering total range between 406 and 517 miles and power output from 480 horses to 1,080. The base model will take the fight to Tesla’s 402-mile, $72,000 Model S sedan.

When Lucid debuted its production-spec sedan back in September, it lead with its heavy hitters. But just because you can serve caviar doesn’t mean you don’t need bread and butter. The Lucid Dream, which is the marquee launch model, packs a 1,080-horsepower, dual-motor powertrain that will propel the 500-mile electric car to 60 MPH in under 2.5 seconds as it makes its way through the quarter-mile in

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Lucid Air packs Tesla Model S-beating 406-mile range and 480 hp for $69,900


You could have one of these in your driveway for slightly less than a base model Tesla Model S, with some caveats, of course.

Lucid Motors

Lucid has been making waves with the introduction of the production version of its Air electric sedan. Not only has the company been keeping Tesla in its sights from a technological standpoint, handily exceeding the Model S’ already stellar range, and offering genuinely staggering performance figures while doing it.

Unfortunately, the performance numbers aren’t the only thing that people found staggering. The price for the top-tier Dream edition clocks in at $169,000, for example, but it turns out that Lucid had something else up its sleeve. See, according to Lucid’s announcement on Wednesday, it will also offer a much more affordable Air model that still offers big range estimates.

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Tesla Model X Range Increased?

While most of the attention on Tesla’s vehicle lineup today was on the Model S due to a $3,000 price cut, there may be an interesting development happening for the Model X as well. Tesla Motors Club forum member ColdWeatherEV recently took delivery of a brand new Model X and shared some details about the vehicle in a post on the forum.

“I just took delivery of a 2021 Model X, VIN 308XXX, and I was surprised to see that the EPA Monroney sticker lists the range at 371 miles,” writes the user. The Monroney sticker is a required label in the US for all new vehicles and contains official information about the car.

On Tesla’s website, the currently-listed EPA range for the Long Range Plus Model X is just 351 miles, 20 miles lower than the range listed on the Monroney sticker of this new delivery. While this is

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Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) – Tesla Model X’s Range Increases To 371 Miles Per Charge

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) is improving its vehicles with software and physical updates. Rather than waiting for a new model year, Tesla often incorporates updates to the assembly line as the company sees fit.

This is being seen from a customer that just picked up their new 2021 Model X. As shared by Electrek, the owner’s Monroney sticker lists an EPA-rated range of 371 miles. On Tesla’s website, the Model X is listed at 351 miles.

This appears to be a 20-mile range increase without any changes to the battery pack.

Tesla is constantly making efficiency improvements to its vehicles, and recently received an EPA rating of over 400 miles for its Model S sedan. 

Benzinga’s Take: Adding 20 miles without any changes to the batteries would be impressive. We will have to wait for Tesla’s official announcement about the 2021 Model X range to see exactly how Tesla added

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Tesla gives Model X range increase with 2021 version

Tesla is increasing the range of the Model X with the new 2021 version, according to a new Monroney sticker.

For the second year in a row, Tesla is moving to an early model year change like the rest of the auto industry instead of only changing its model year for cars actually produced in the new year.

Over the last few weeks, we have been reporting on all the changes coming to Model 3 with the new 2021 version, but it now looks like other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup are also going to get updates.

Some new Model X buyers are taking deliveries, and the vehicles are listed with 2021 VIN numbers.

Those new vehicles come with a new Monroney sticker that is showing a significant range increase (via ColdWeatherEV on Tesla Motors Club forum):

The new range is showing 371 miles on a single charge, which is a

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Tesla cuts Model S prices by $3,000 in the US

Lower prices? I don’t think you’ll hear a single buyer complain about that.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Much of the attention paid to Tesla these days comes from its smaller, more affordable electric vehicles, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover. Its larger vehicles, however, have seen deliveries dip year over year this past quarter, so it’s no surprise that one of those cars is getting a price cut.

Tesla quietly updated the pricing on its website overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday. The two currently available variants of the Model S have been given $3,000 price cuts each. The Long Range Plus’ price drops from $74,990 to $71,990, while the Performance variant goes from $94,990 and $91,990. The automaker’s website also lists the Plaid model at $139,900, but it has not been given a price reduction; it’ll be made available to consumers until next year. Heck, even the newest models aren’t

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Tesla Model S Price Cuts Keep on Coming

Photo credit: Tesla
Photo credit: Tesla

From Autoweek

Tesla has slashed the Model S’ price $3,000 this month, with the least expensive version now starting at $71,990, prior to any local incentives. This means the Model S Long Range Plus is reduced in price from $74,990 to $71,990, while the Performance version is cut from $94,990 to $91,990. These are the only two Model S versions available for order in the U.S., after a Standard Range Model S had been removed from the lineup in Summer, 2019.

This is the second time this year the automaker has reduced the Model S price. They were cut $5,000 back in May. The Model X also received a $5,000 price cut in May, while the Model 3 price was cut $2,000. The only vehicle not receiving a price cut this spring was the Model Y, being the latest addition to the lineup.

Back in March, 2019

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Tesla Makes Another Model S Price Cut

Tesla‘s (NASDAQ:TSLA) cars just keep getting cheaper. That’s good for consumers, but it may not be so good for Elon Musk’s electric car company, currently the most valuable automaker in the world. 

The company has cut the cost of its upscale Model S sedan by $3,000. On Tesla’s website, the starting price for the Long Range Plus version is now listed as $71,990, while the souped-up Performance configuration now starts at $91,990. That comes on the heels of a $5,000 price cut in late May.

A blue Tesla Model S sedan.

The Tesla Model S: now $3,000 cheaper. Image source: Tesla.

A shot in the arm or a shot in the foot?

The higher-priced Teslas, the Model S and Model X, generate better margins than the lower-priced Model 3 and Model Y. But sales of the S and X have been slumping even as overall sales, especially for the Model 3, have soared. 

Tesla’s overall

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Tesla cuts prices of Model S by $3,000 in United States, China

  • Tesla cut the price of its Model S sedan on Tuesday by $3,000 or about 4%.
  • Earlier this month, the company announced record delivery numbers during the second quarter. 
  • CEO Elon Musk told workers they’re on track to deliver 500,000 cars to customers this year, a potential record, but a number doubted by some analysts.  
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Tesla on Tuesday cut the price of two Model S sedan options by 4% in the United States, days after the electric-car maker reported record quarterly deliveries.

The company, which is expected to report third-quarter results on Oct. 21, cut the price of the “long range” model to $71,990 from $74,990 in the US, and the “performance” to $91,990 from $94,990.

It also trimmed the starting price of the Model S by 3% in China. Earlier this month, Tesla cut the starting price of its Chinese-made Model 3

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Tesla Slashes Sticker Prices on Flagship Model S Sedan Again

a car parked on the side of a mountain: Tesla Slashes Sticker Prices on Flagship Model S Sedan Again

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Tesla Slashes Sticker Prices on Flagship Model S Sedan Again

Tesla quietly has cut prices for its flagship Model S sedan and its Model S performance model by $3,000 each as demand for the flagship car falters, even as Tesla continues to churn out record numbers of EVs.

The electric carmaker lowered the starting price on its entry-level Model S available for delivery to $71,990 from $74,990. It also reduced its Tesla Model S Performance Model to $91,990 from $94,990.

The Tesla Model S Plaid, which was announced last month but won’t be delivered until late next year, didn’t get a price change with the configurator update. It is still listed at $139,990.


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The pricing update follows price cuts across Tesla’s lineup earlier this year that affected Model 3, Model S, and the six-seat Model X.

Back in May, Tesla already had reduced the price of

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