Playboy model, 34, claims police failed to investigate a chilling rape threat sent on Instagram

A Playboy model claims police failed to properly investigate a chilling rape threat against her because she works in the glamour industry. 

Germaine Love, 34, was horrified to receive a message from a man on Instagram saying: ‘I’m gonna go in your bar and drag you out by your hair, take you to a dark alley and then begin to rape you, I can’t wait to see you struggle.’ 

A shaken Ms Love, who has more than 35,000 followers on Instagram, called Cleveland Police to tell them she felt unsafe and to ask them to trace the person who left the vile threat. 

She has been in fear of attack at the cocktail bar she owns in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. 

However, she was appalled when the only response she received from police was advice to make her social media – which she uses to promote her bar and her modelling

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Florida must recognize threat of extreme heat, especially for pregnant women

Palm Beach Post

Summer in our tropical paradise feels hotter than the ones I remember as a child. In fact, the last five years are the hottest ever measured. Florida’s record-smashing summers are dangerous.  Experts predict more frequent, severe, and longer heat waves in our future. In Palm Beach County, the number of days with a “feels like” temperature over 100°F are predicted to quadruple from the historic average of 28 a year to 121 such days by mid-century. 

Extreme heat is a public health concern. Heat is called the silent killer because it kills more people than any other extreme weather event. At least 700 people in the U.S. die each year of heat-related illnesses, and some researchers suggest this number is much higher. As the earth warms, there will be more emergency room visits, illness, and deaths. The good news is that many of these deaths can be

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