Man’s nearly $900,000 lottery ticket was a birthday gift

Oct. 13 (UPI) — An Australian man is hailing his “most rewarding birthday present yet” after winning nearly $900,000 from a lottery ticket given to him by his parents.

The Engadine, New South Wales, man told The Lott officials his ticket for the Oct. 10 Saturday Lotto drawing was a gift for his birthday.

“I received the ticket as part of a gift pack for my birthday from my dad and step-mum,” the man said. “It’s the most rewarding birthday gift I’ve ever received!”

The ticket turned out to be an $859,320 top prize winner.

“I hadn’t checked it yet and didn’t even know there was a winner from Engadine until they called me yesterday and reminded me to check it,” he said. “They were pretty desperate to find out if they bought me the winning ticket!”

The man said his plans for the winnings include buying a new car

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Lottery ticket birthday gift wins woman $700 a week for 5 years

Sept. 30 (UPI) — An Australian woman who received a lottery ticket as a birthday gift said it turned out to be her most valuable present when she won a top prize of over $700 a week for five years.

The Bribie Island, Queensland, woman told The Lott officials her sister gave her the Live the Life Instant Scratch-It lottery ticket.

“The scratchie was a gift from my sister for my birthday,” the woman said. “It was a real surprise when I scratched it, I can tell you. It was a real shock!”

The ticket turned out to be a top prize winner of $716.48 a week for five years.

“I have never won anything like it. I’m just happy when I win enough to buy my next scratchie,” the winner said. “I’m still trying to get over it all, to be honest.”

She said her sister isn’t upset about

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