Ex-inmate Johnny “Crusher” Jackson sends thank you to judge, touts clothing line whose name is said to refer to Gangster Disciples

Johnny “Crusher” Jackson took the unusual step of writing to a federal judge recently to thank him for releasing him from prison.

Jackson, who was once in the inner circle of Gangster Disciples founder Larry Hoover, told U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber he’s making the most of his freedom. He said he and his wife have a construction business, a nonprofit organization to help the underprivileged and a clothing line.

But it appears Jackson hasn’t completely turned his back on his past. The brand name for his sweatshirts and T-shirts — Gentlemen of Distinguished Nature — stands for Gangster Disciples Nation, according to prison officials.

Jackson was freed in November under the First Step Act. His thank-you note to the judge was filed into the court record Monday.

“I have worked tirelessly to make good on the promises I made to my wife, pastor and numerous others who are counting

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Hyliion Touts Hybrid Model to Electrify Carbon-Heavy Trucking Industry on Cheddar

Texas-based Hyliion ($HYLN) hit public markets last week with a business model that CEO Thomas Healy said will speed up the trucking industry’s transition to electric. 

“Trucking is all about moving goods from point A to point B and doing it as economically as possible,” Healy told Cheddar. “What we’re able to do is take both the emission savings and the cost savings and bring those together and offer a solution that’s actually net carbon-negative emissions.”

Unlike competitors Nikola and Tesla, Hyliion is not offering a full-electric option. The company’s hybrid trucks use natural gas to power electric powertrains. Healy said the advantage is that Hyliion can ramp up production faster and beat the economics of diesel. 

“By leveraging natural gas and, more specifically, renewable natural gas, we actually have a much lower cost than a normal diesel truck,” he said. “When you get into those sorts of economics, then

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