Style Invitational Week 1405: Okay, once more around the track

Because This Crazy Year included the postponement of the Kentucky Derby, the Invite ended up running its big-deal “foal breeding” contest not only in May, but with another set of horse names in September, whose results ran last week. Also in May, we ran the annual spinoff contest to pair any two of the inking foal names from that first contest to produce “grandfoals.”

So three horse contests in a year! Enough already, right? Nope! After last week’s foal names were announced, Losers and even just-readers wrote to the Empress, asking, “Aren’t you going to do the grandfoals contest again?”

Noblesse oblige, we guess. This week: At the bottom of this page is a list of the 67 foal names that got ink in Week 1400. Now, “breed” any two and name the offspring to reflect both parents’ names, as in the examples above. As always, the names may not

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