How Nature Is Holding Space For Black Women & Their Trauma

It’s been months since most of us have booked a spontaneous girls trip, enjoyed a low-lit celebratory meal inside of a restaurant, or swayed to the beat at a concert; the types of moments that make us feel alive and allow us to escape the heaviness that can accompany the experience of traversing this world inside a Black body. Being forced to stay indoors and watch the world turn inside out has left many of us breathless and scrambling for an outlet — something that could hold our pain and trauma; something that could not only be a source of joy, but also one of healing. 

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In a world that constantly tells Black women that we aren’t worthy of joy or healing (see: life-altering pay disparities and potentially deadly medical biases), there are very few places that can offer much-needed solace. However, nature — the one

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