Tesla Sets Record in Q3 Delivery Count, Trims Model 3 Price

Tesla TSLA recently reported stellar third-quarter 2020 vehicle production and delivery figures.
The company registered deliveries of 139,300 vehicles in the September-end quarter, smashing its previous record for deliveries of 112,000 cars. The reported figure included 124,100 deliveries of Model 3/Y and 15,200 of Model S/X.

The third-quarter deliveries compare favorably with the 90,650 vehicles sent out in the June-end quarter. It also surpasses the 97,000 deliveries made in the corresponding quarter last year, marking a 43.6% year-over-year increase.
The company anticipates to deliver roughly 500,000 vehicles in 2020, suggesting a 36% year-over-year rise.

Tesla’s delivery count only reflects those vehicles which are transferred to the customer with all documentation completed successfully, thus being slightly conservative. Final figures are subject to an error of roughly 0.5%.

The company stated that it produced a total of 145,036 vehicles during the third quarter, entailing the production of 128,044 units of Model 3/Y

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