Jodie Turner-Smith | Jodie Turner-Smith’s simple beauty routine

Jodie Turner-Smith’s beauty routine has “definitely become simpler” since she became a mom.

The ‘Queen and Slim’ actress welcomed daughter Janie into the world five months ago and she admits things have changed greatly for her in the past few months.

She said: “It definitely has become simpler. I don’t get to spend two hours in the bathroom anymore. And because it’s simpler, it’s definitely more the point, like everything that I do and everything that I have is just the essentials and the stuff that I just really can’t live without. And then I try to carve out time for myself to do the other things to feel good and luxuriate, like take a hot bath.”

The same applies for fragrance as Jodie admits she only now wears scents on “special occasions” since she welcomed her daughter into the world.

She added: “Now, because of my daughter, I kind

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