The Only Turntable Worth Buying If You Want Killer Sound and Style

Photo credit: Allie Holloway
Photo credit: Allie Holloway

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I like to have things. Things that are tangible. Some call that collecting. I call it having things. So it was only a matter of time until I got into vinyls—collecting my favorite albums, and picking up video game and film soundtracks. I also love bragging about my things. Finding artful ways to show them off. That’s why I needed a kickass record player, to show off my cool (and, to be fair, also not so cool) records. Finding that player was hard, because while I know a lot about tech, old-school audio is lost on me, and most players on the market seem gimmicky, putting huge emphasis on “all-in-one packages” or “vintage sound,” which really just translates to

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