This Hydrating Toner Mist Is the Ultimate Multipurpose Beauty Buy


One spritz, two spritz, three spritz. Ahhhhh. If your morning, mid-day, and evening beauty routine doesn’t include some type of toning mist, you’re seriously missing out — and not just on that relaxing “ahhhh” effect, but also on all the benefits a darn good spray can have on your epidermis.

That said, more hydrated, more refreshed skin is just a few pumps away, especially if you’re using one particular toning mist from under-the-radar skincare label Sukin. Its best-selling facial spray is so good, one bottle sells every 40 seconds. Forty seconds. And it has Amazon shoppers totally hooked thanks to its myriad of uses.

First and foremost, Sukin’s Hydrating Toner Mist is a, well, facial toner. It’s chock-full of skincare goodies like chamomile and rosewater that soothe, plump, purify, and cool tired, dull skin, and contains none of those harsh chemicals like alcohol and parabens that can irritate

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Pumpkin Spice Is Your Ultimate Fall Fashion Palette

Photo credit: Tyler Joe
Photo credit: Tyler Joe

From Marie Claire

It’s official, we are well into the “brrrr” months (September, October, November…), and along with that chill in the air comes something many have been waiting for all year: pumpkin spice. It is undeniably everywhere you turn. Commercials, menus, your local coffee bar, your local actual bar (you know, the one that’s currently serving on the sidewalk)—pumpkin spice has become the most unlikely 21st-century phenomenon, the one you never knew you wanted until you were told you did.

This craze can be traced to one particular mermaid-branded caffeine slinger that has been dealing in PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes, obv.) since the early 2000s. But—hold on to your candy corns!—it doesn’t stop there; pumpkin spice is a $600 million a year industry. For such a moneymaker, though, pumpkin spice is rather divisive. For some, the mere suggestion of a PSL can trigger a gag

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Every chemistry style available in Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 chemistry styles benefit you in two ways across Ultimate Team. The most obvious is that they’re a means of upgrading individual players to suit your FIFA 21 play style – meaning that most managers are in the market for boosted pace. But that’s where the second use of chemistry styles comes in. Because of their popularity, items that boost player speed can be sold for big coin: as I write this Hunter cards are retailing for 5,000 coins, and in FIFA 20 they went right up to 15,000. Wondering exactly how they affect your players? Then you need this FIFA 21 chemistry styles guide. 

a group of people playing a game of football: null

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What are FIFA 21 chemistry styles?

There are 22 (yes, twenty-two) FIFA 21 chemistry styles in total. They buff the stats of your players, with six in particular – Anchor, Shadow, Engine, Catalyst, Hawk and Hunter – applying to

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DWTS’ Johnny Weir Gives His Parents the Ultimate Thank You Gift for Their Years of Sacrifice to Get Him to the Olympics

Disney night was an emotional one for Johnny Weir on Dancing With the Stars. In the video package before he took to the ballroom floor to dance the rumba with his professional partner Britt Stewart, he talked about the sacrifices his parents made for him, things like selling their cars, so that they could pay for professional trainers who would help him get to the Olympics.

“Family is very important to me and that’s something that I rarely get to talk about, because I’m commentating on the Olympics, or performing, or wearing crazy outfits that people like to talk about,” Weir told after he danced. “I feel so honored that I was able to present my family in such a true and beautiful way as I did tonight.”

He also revealed that now that he is successful—he is a two-time Olympian and a television commentator—he has returned

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This Is the Ultimate #WFH Beauty Strategy, According to the Dior Runway

Much like this season’s #WFH-friendly clothes—from dressing gowns to slouchy trousers—Dior’s spring 2021 beauty equation married self-expression with wearability.

It all began with the hair, which saw hairstylist Guido Paulo finessing each girl’s natural texture so that it could be worn loose, or pulled back into an undone updo topped off with one of the knotted headband designed by Stephen Jones. “It was Maria Grazia [Chiuri’s] idea of women at home, doing their own hair,” explains Palau. “They’re not going to go to a hairdresser’s, it’s how they do their own hair. It’s naive, but stylish at the same time.” To create the “easy” updos, Paulo first ran Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Creme Contour through lengths, then blow dried them for extra definition. Once prepped, he parted the hair down the center, separated it into two sections, braided each of them loosely, then twisted them into a “roll-like” shape. The

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