Is Tesla Updating the Model 3?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that Tesla constantly updates their vehicles, making changes as soon as possible rather than waiting for model year updates. However, occasionally more impactful updates can be grouped together resulting in noticeable differences. It appears Tesla may be on the verge of such an update for the Model 3 produced in Fremont, CA.

Electrek has reportedly been show photos of an updated Model 3 with a number of changes.

“Now we can confirm that Tesla is indeed planning to bundle several updates to the Model 3, and that it is about to start delivery of the new version. We have seen pictures of the new Model 3, but we are not able to share the pictures at this time in order to protect sources,” writes Electrek.

Here is a summary of the changes being made, per Electrek, which they note may not

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