California police bust ‘cult’ party with 4-foot model vagina

Cops in California’s Bay Area busted what they called a ‘cult or activist group’ party involving a four-foot model vagina on the beach over the weekend.

The cult-like gathering was broken up by cops in Point Molate Beach Park early Saturday morning, just hours after police responded to a suspected “Antifa” gathering at the same location, according to the chief of the Richmond Police Department.

At around 9:33 p.m., Richmond cops responded to the Antifa report when they discovered 50 people dressed in all-black uniforms who had traveled to the beach on a party bus.

The dark-clad group — which were described as a possible Antifa meet-up — agreed to get back on the party bus and disperse without incident.

Just hours later, police found another group of 60 people listening to the climate change recordings huddled around the giant facsimile of a vagina in a dock building nearby.


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