Groom’s van, bride’s purse stolen on wedding night

WXYZ — It was far from an ideal end to a wedding day that was already altered by COVID-19 precautions.

A newlywed couple held a socially distanced reception in a family member’s Livonia backyard. Everyone had a good time, with safety top of mind.

But little did the bride and groom know, a thief was lurking nearby.

They found out the hard way.

When it was time to leave the reception the groom’s cargo van was nowhere to be found.

The Ford Transit-250 was stolen from Pollyanna Street near Farmington and 6 Mile roads.

Along with the van, the thief took off with the bride’s purse, phone and other belongings.

The couple would like to remain unnamed to maintain some privacy during this exciting yet troubling time.

They’re hoping the Motor City can come together to provide them with one last wedding gift: help bring their van home.

A report

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Jack White Honors Eddie Van Halen Through ‘SNL’ Performance

Per their original schedule, the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live was supposed to have country singer Morgan Wallen as its musical guest. Reports from an Alabama publication found that Wallen ran up a fairly high coronavirus risk for the show after he was spotted at a college party, however, and as a result he was dropped from the show. Coming in as a well-prepared substitute for the late scratch, Jack White was announced as Wallen replacement on Friday.

Proving to be a smooth transition from artist to artist, Jack White took the SNL stage backed by a small band that was comprised of drummer Daru Jones and bassist Dominic John Davis.

For his SNL performances, Jack White delivered some of his best hits while putting a new spin on some of them. Playing three songs for viewers during his set, White’s highlight performance came with his closing track.

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With his signature guitar style, Eddie Van Halen changed rock music

The legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen has died aged 65. One of the most influential guitarists of the modern age, Van Halen was known for his mastery of the two-handed tapping technique and for bringing the virtuosic rock guitar solo back into the popular music mainstream in the late 70s and 1980s.

One of the great innovators, Van Halen formed a bridge between 1970s rock styles and heavy metal sounds of the 1980s. He delivered his best work with a nonchalance that belied the training and dedication driving him and his band to succeed.

Born in the Netherlands in 1955, Van Halen came from a musical family. His father played saxophone and clarinet professionally and ensured Van Halen and his older brother, Alex, started piano lessons from a young age.

The boys’ training in classical music and theory would influence Van Halen’s guitar playing, particularly the famous two-handed, finger tapping

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Ingeborg Van Lotringen Shares Her Expert Beauty Secrets

Quite literally, thousands of cosmetics have passed through my hands in my near quarter-century career as a beauty journalist, a rather large chunk of them being skincare.

Those pots and vials always interested me most, for the florid promises they made and, as I learned more and more about how they worked, for what they can really do for you if you know how to choose what works and leave out what doesn’t.

I’ve just published a book, Great Skin: secrets the beauty industry doesn’t tell you (Gibson Square, £12.99) that distils the brilliant stuff I was taught by the world’s biggest skincare brains, so you can understand once and for all how to make your skin the best it can possibly be. Here, I highlight some of the most essential (sk)insights I think everyone should take to heart. They will give you skin you will be proud of –

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