Tesla gives Model X range increase with 2021 version

Tesla is increasing the range of the Model X with the new 2021 version, according to a new Monroney sticker.

For the second year in a row, Tesla is moving to an early model year change like the rest of the auto industry instead of only changing its model year for cars actually produced in the new year.

Over the last few weeks, we have been reporting on all the changes coming to Model 3 with the new 2021 version, but it now looks like other vehicles in Tesla’s lineup are also going to get updates.

Some new Model X buyers are taking deliveries, and the vehicles are listed with 2021 VIN numbers.

Those new vehicles come with a new Monroney sticker that is showing a significant range increase (via ColdWeatherEV on Tesla Motors Club forum):

The new range is showing 371 miles on a single charge, which is a

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Trump’s remaining days of COVID misrule are a US version of the USSR

Tom Nichols, Opinion columnist
Published 4:00 a.m. ET Oct. 7, 2020

Trump is telling America to ignore basic COVID protocols and believe in miracle cures that don’t exist. He couldn’t care less about risking their lives.

Over the past few days, we have seen the sickly gasps, literally, of a fading authoritarian regime. A brush with a potentially mortal illness might change other men, but not President Donald Trump, whose immaturity and selfishness are as immutable as the elements themselves. Other men might have spoken to a concerned nation with empathy and reassurance. Trump play-acted the part of a petty dictator, mugging and saluting for the cameras. 

When the president climbed the stairs to the Truman Balcony — named for one of the many far better men to occupy the White House — and stood there gulping for air and pantomiming bravery, observers saw many images, from Mussolini to Pinochet.

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Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Designer Praises The Crown ‘s Version of Gown: ‘It Captures the Spirit’

Netflix The Crown version of Princess Diana’s dress

One of the designers of Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress is praising how The Crown has brought the gown to life in the upcoming new season.

Elizabeth Emanuel says that actress Emma Corrin, who plays Princess Diana in the hit Netflix series’ fourth season, looks “wonderful” in the gown after the first image was released over the weekend.

“The dress looks lovely,” Emanuel tells PEOPLE. “They have done a great job in capturing the spirit of the wedding gown.”

Elizabeth created the original dress, with its stunning 25-ft train that unfolded down the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral on that July day nearly 40 years ago, with her then-husband David Emanuel. David spoke with the production team during the making of the fourth season, a Crown source confirms. But contrary to some reports, he and Elizabeth didn’t lend the producers the original

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‘The Crown’ Fully Revealed Its Version of Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress

Des Willie, Netflix

The Crown has just revealed the very first image of actor Emma Corrin donning Princess Diana’s iconic wedding gown, which will appear in the Netflix series’ upcoming fourth season. Because The Crown always gives the people what they want.

Despite the dress’s uncanny resemblance to the original ivory silk taffeta gown, which David and Elizabeth Emanuel designed for Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding to Prince Charles, the series explained in a tweet that they didn’t intend to create an exact replica for Corrin.

Rather, The Crown costume designer Amy Roberts “wanted to capture the same spirit and style” of Princess Diana’s wedding dress in real life.

We’d venture to guess that The Crown gown does not feature 10,000 pearls, an 18-karat gold horseshoe stitched into the petticoats, and antique lace that once belonged to Queen Mary, but the updated version nevertheless remains incredibly faithful to the original. (And

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