Dior Looks to Comfort and 1970s Bohemian Vibes at Paris Fashion Week

Dior swaddled its models in cocooning kaftans at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday to protect them from an uncertain world, in the first big runway show staged in the virus-hit city in nearly seven months.

Three hundred masked movers and shakers braved the drizzle to worship at the “cathedral of Dior”, as wags dubbed the pavilion with stained glass windows the mythic French brand built in the Tuileries Garden for the occasion.

If the first major live catwalk show in the world’s style capital since the lockdown was meant to be a celebration of fashion, no one told the choir.

A dozen sopranos screeched out an ear-splitting mourning dirge as the models winced by. The mounting atonal music was strangely at odds with the looks, which were mostly comfort clothes to soothe nerves and souls addled by months of anxiety.

dior paris fashion week
Many of the pieces in the Dior Spring/Summer 2021 collection
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