Pitch to women voters is let’s get back to normal


President Donald Trump told Fox Business that he won’t “waste my time” on a virtual presidential debate.


WASHINGTON – The coronavirus pandemic, recession and nationwide racial tensions may have reshaped the 2020 presidential election, but President Donald Trump’s biggest challenge remains the same: winning over women voters who’ve deserted him.

With just four weeks until Election Day, a series of national polls have shown cratering support for Trump among women, setting up the 2020 election to see a gender gap of historic proportions.

As the president’s campaign makes its closing arguments, Lara Trump, a top campaign aide, insists the message for female voters hasn’t changed much since the coronavirus crisis unfolded. The strategy, she said, is to emphasize policy issues, specifically the economy.

“The message for most people, I think, is that they want to get back to normal. People want to know that they can send

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Did Kamala Harris’s debate performance energize women voters?

With all the post-debate chatter about whether Vice President Mike Pence patronized and “mansplained” to California’s U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris and whether her “I’m speaking” was powerful or not, perhaps the most consequential point is this: Did the first woman of color on a presidential ticket do enough to energize women to vote?

With less than a month remaining before the Nov. 3 election — and with a polarized nation eagerly taking sides — it’s difficult to find any voter who is truly undecided. But with the gender gap widening when it comes to presidential preferences, the power of the women’s vote, especially if the election is close, is all the more consequential.

“This election is very little about changing people’s minds. Most people are where they’re going to be,” said Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Politics and Women at Rutgers University. “The question is, can part

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Are voters banned from wearing clothing with political slogans at the polls?

HOUSTONAt KPRC 2, we’re dedicated to keeping Houstonians informed. As part of our Ask 2 series, the newsroom will answer your questions about all things Houston.

Question: Are voters banned from wearing clothing with political slogans at the polls or t-shirts with the “Black Lives Matter” message? What constitutes an item being political?

Answer: Keep your MAGA hats and “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump” T-shirts at home when you head out to vote.

Under Texas law, the conduct of voting by personal appearance upholds an electioneering ban at polling places.

The law states “a person may not electioneer for or against any candidate, measure, political party” within 100 feet of a voting site during early voting or on Election Day.

An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor, according to the State of Texas election code.

When it comes to what constitutes

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