Three Ways to Choose Wedding Vendors Who Will Work Well Together

In a perfect world, you’d never need to think twice about whether your wedding vendors mesh well—after all, they’re industry professionals focused on the same goal: your happiness. Well, most of the time. “Sometimes, people just don’t get along,” says planner Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations. “There is an advantage when a team is harmonious and they get along well and they are supporting each other in the outcome of your day. If somebody likes somebody, and they see something is wrong but it’s not their lane, they’re more likely to jump in and be a team player.” Incorporate these three tips into your wedding vendor selection process to create a team that works for you—literally.

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a bunch of items that are sitting on a table: Hiring a strong team is the first step in planning a successful event.

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Hiring a strong team is the first step in planning a successful event.

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5 Ways To Instantly Elevate Your Outfit Using Sharp Accessories That Most People Forget To Wear

In 2020, even the festive season is going to look entirely different. With more house parties, adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions, we’re going have a drastically different Diwali experience this year. For house parties, it’s important that you put your best foot forward this time. After staying in for months in the end, it’s only fair to look your best for the biggest festival of the year.

While choosing what to wear, it’s also important to accessorise in a way that helps enhance your look. Here are some exciting accessories to choose from:

1. Cuff Links

Instead of regular buttons, use cuff links to finish your outfi in case you’re opting for a formal look. Cuff-links have a way of instantly lifting the presence of your outfit. Since it’s festivity time, you can go all out in choosing an unconventional design that excites you.

2. Sunglasses

While you can’t wear

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Ways small shops shifting holiday sales amid COVID-19

Watty Brooks Hall, the owner of the Brooks Collection, plans to keep her iPhone charged and ready for more FaceTime calls this holiday season.

Her Collierville, Tennessee gift shop introduced virtual shopping for consumers who don’t feel comfortable coming inside but want to see the pottery, gifts and home goods up close. Hall also plans to post more photos on Instagram and Facebook where engagement has been up since the pandemic.

Texas-based Stag Provisions also is engaging more with shoppers on social media. It will also stock more comfortable clothes such as t-shirts and sweatpants this holiday season as people continue to spend a lot of time at home. 

And Gibson’s Bookstore, New Hampshire’s oldest independent book shop established in 1898, hopes to drive online sales with its new curbside pickup option.

Small retailers across the country have had to get creative to keep the lights on after dealing with

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5 ways to move forward in fashion

From Harper’s BAZAAR

This year, the Green Carpet Fashion Awards went digital for the first time. Filmed virtually at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, using a clever mixture of visual FX, animation and holograms, the event was broadcast live online and on Sky Arts, making it available to a larger audience than ever before; a significant move during a year when the event is arguably more important than ever.

Eco Age founder Livia Firth first launched the Green Carpet Challenge 10 years ago, along with Lucy Siegle, and the pair have been promoting and encouraging vital conversations around sustainability for the past decade. We caught up with Firth to discuss what place the red carpet has during a pandemic, what sustainability actually means, and the enduring power of celebrity endorsement.

Below, discover five ways that she believes we can move forward in fashion.

Fashion must be seen as a

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10-10-2020 Proves Memorable Wedding Date in More Ways than One

Saturday marked a hot date for weddings: Oct. 10, 2020. Written numerically, this day is the memorable 10-10-2020, and it proved to be historical for several couples in more ways than one. 

a man and a woman in a wedding dress

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Newlyweds Jun and Dominic Reiss finally said “I do” after their planned wedding over the summer was cancelled because of COVID-19, opting instead for 10-10-2020 as their wedding day.

“I was surprised I actually got an appointment today,” Jun said. 

It’s an anniversary date easy to remember, and for this couple, a lucky one.

“It doesn’t happen very often. It’s just a memorable number I think,” Dominic said. 

They’re one of 13 couples who tied the knot on site at the Cute Little Chapel in Long Beach. Combined with offsite ceremonies, the chapel officiated 50 weddings Saturday alone.

Because of the pandemic, the chapel is taking extra measures, like only allowing

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4 ways shopping for the holidays is going to be different this year

Noam Galai | WireImage | Getty Images

Not even Santa knows what this holiday season is going to put under the tree for retailers. 

The challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have upended the retail industry – forcing stores and malls temporarily shut, pushing some companies into bankruptcy court and accelerating store closures. It has instilled new behaviors in consumers, who are spending more time and money online — a trend that could become permanent. Long-standing holiday shopping traditions are also being tested. 

“This holiday is going to be unlike any holiday season I think any of us have ever seen before,” Levi Strauss & Co. CEO Chip Bergh told CNBC earlier this week. 

Many analysts expect the season to kick off next week, with the start of Amazon’s annual Prime Day shopping extravaganza. The event, which usually takes place in July, was delayed by the pandemic. Target, Walmart 

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Cornyn-Hegar debate shows two ways to woo suburban women

WASHINGTON – Suburban women, soccer moms – whatever you call them – Friday night’s Senate debate suggested they’re the key to Texas elections, and can’t be pigeonholed.


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Three-term GOP incumbent John Cornyn and Democrat MJ Hegar each made a pretty compelling case to this bloc. He projected reasonable and conservative. She projected tough but caring and as a bonus, relatable – “I’m doing virtual kindergarten right now with my six-year-old!”

They’re both quite good at avoiding knee-jerk ideological answers, as on the question of whether they’d support a national mask mandate during the pandemic.

“Texas is a big diverse place. Obviously out in West Texas people know how to socially distance. They do it every day because of the lack of population density. … We don’t need the government to fill the void that we should fill ourselves by acting responsibly at the local level,” Cornyn said.


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5 Ways Issa Rae Keeps Her Skin And Hair Looking So Good

Issa Rae is a writer, producer, and star of the hit HBO series Insecure, a Covergirl, and recent co-owner of a natural line of hair products called Sienna Naturals. And she’s only 35…Yes, you could say that the multifaceted actress can pretty much do it all. Though, one thing that didn’t come as natural to her was a skincare routine. When asked by Popsugar in 2017 if her mom gave her beauty advice, Issa responded saying, “She tried, bless her heart. I was such a tomboy and did not want to hear it from her.”

And, while she has picked up some hair, skincare, and makeup skills since then, she’s never wanted to let her outward appearance be what defined her. When asked by InStyle how it felt to be the face of Covergirl, she said, “It’s funny—I don’t think of myself like that in terms of beauty standards.

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The best ways to remove stains from kids’ clothing | 3 On Your Side

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Back to school might look a little different this year. But some things never change, like the  exceptional ability of kids to stain their clothing, whether it’s grass, gum, or more artistic stains like crayon or Play-Doh. The experts at Consumer Reports have some helpful tips on removing stains.

If the stain is still fresh, water alone may actually remove it. But if the stain has set in, a few household items and a good detergent to pretreat it can help.

For crayon—fresh or melted—remove as much as possible. Then work a small amount of dish detergent into the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub the fabric under warm water. Afterward, wash the clothing in the hottest water temperature allowed for the specific fabric.

Use regular laundry detergent and an oxygenated bleach like OxiClean. Let the clothing air-dry and repeat if the

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Is there life beyond sweatpants? Four ways fashion designers are giving us hope

Spring and summer 2021 runway collection looks by Balmain, from left, Chloé, Thom Browne and Moschino. <span class="copyright">(From left: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images; Chloé; Thom Browne; Moschino by Marco Ovando)</span>
Spring and summer 2021 runway collection looks by Balmain, from left, Chloé, Thom Browne and Moschino. (From left: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images; Chloé; Thom Browne; Moschino by Marco Ovando)

Things may be dark and dire now, but brighter days are coming. Therefore, put that sharp shoulder to the wheel, keep those polarized sunnies close at hand and stride optimistically toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

Finding hope in the thick of it seemed to be one of the overarching themes of the most memorable spring and summer 2021 collections presented at the mostly virtual Milan and Paris fashion weeks that officially ended Tuesday, and those spirit-buoying collections, whether they ultimately resonate at the cash register six months from now (or not), were a welcome bit of magic-making coming from a luxury fashion world all too often out of touch with the world beyond the runway’s

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