How to Keep Guests Informed About Wedding-Related Changes After Your Invitations Have Gone Out

If there’s one thing that planning a wedding in 2020 has taught couples across the world, it’s that it’s better to be over-prepared. With social distancing guidelines, gathering capacity rules, and travel restrictions constantly changing, it’s essential that couples have a plan in place for notifying guests about changes to the celebration—and that’s especially once invitations with the details for the day have gone out. To that end, we’re sharing expert-approved advice on how to quickly and effectively share wedding-related updates with your guests when invitations aren’t an option.

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Send a second, smaller printed card.

Kristy Rice, owner and founder of Momental Designs, believes that the way you convey the changed details of the wedding day should be reflective of the importance of the change. “For example, we’ve had many couples require a change in venue after

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