Tesla is doing a Model 3 refresh and we’ve seen it

Tesla is making an update to Model 3, which is significant enough that people other than Elon Musk would call it a refresh, and we’ve seen it.

Electrek can confirm some of the new features.

Over the last few months, we have heard a lot of rumors about a Model 3 update.

It started when Tesla updated the Model 3’s frunk and then submitted an application to produce the Model 3 with a chrome delete in China.

Now we can confirm that Tesla is indeed planning to bundle several updates to the Model 3, and that it is about to start delivery of the new version.

We have seen pictures of the new Model 3, but we are not able to share the pictures at this time in order to protect sources.

The pictures confirmed several updates to the Model 3 produced in the US including a chrome delete to

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