White women in this state regret voting for Trump: ‘I got it wrong’

White women in Pennsylvania admitted to feeling ‘shame’ over their vote for this president in 2016.

The presidential election is less than three weeks away, and former supporters of President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania are experiencing voter’s remorse. These white women regret having cast their ballots for this president and plan on voting for Joe Biden instead in November.

Trump shocked the political establishment in 2016 when he carried the state of Pennsylvania to victory, propelled by 50% of white women in the state. However, recent polls have indicated that the now-swing state may revert back to the column of the Democrats.

Trump White women Pennsylvania thegrio.com
CNN turned its spotlight on white women voters in the state of Pennsylvania who have come to regret the votes they cast for President Donald Trump back in 2016. (Credit: CNN)

CNN recently interviewed four white women who expressed frustration with Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and social

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White woman calls the wife of Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor the n-word while grocery shopping

The wife of Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor alleges she was insulted with a racial slur while grocery shopping this week.

a close up of a woman holding a microphone: Gisele Fetterman alleges that an unidentified woman approached her while grocery shopping on Sunday and called her the n-word along with other derogatory and racist comments.

© Greg Wohlford/Erie Times-News/AP
Gisele Fetterman alleges that an unidentified woman approached her while grocery shopping on Sunday and called her the n-word along with other derogatory and racist comments.

Gisele Barreto Fetterman, who is married to Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, told CNN the incident happened Sunday evening. In a two-second video Fetterman posted on her Twitter account, a White woman is seen lowering her mask and saying, “You’re a n****r” through Fetterman’s open car window and then walking away. Fetterman was born in Brazil.

Both Fetterman and the state’s governor pointed to the incident as an example of the increasing divisions in the US, particularly as the country continue to grapple with racism and xenophobia after a summer of escalated tensions regarding the deaths of Black Americans in

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Noelle Robinson’s Long White Dress at Cynthia Bailey’s Wedding

Much like her mom, Cynthia Bailey, Noelle Robinson is known to dish out some show-stopping looks. The Real Housewives of Atlanta daughter can make everything from a velvet minidress to graffiti print sweatpants look like a million bucks — after adding her own stylish touches, of course. So, when it came time to get dressed up for her mother’s glamorous wedding with Mike Hill, naturally, Noelle did not disappoint. 

Following the bridal party’s all-white dress code, Noelle stunned in an angelic number of her own. Noelle’s wedding attire included a sleek white, floor-length gown from Formally Yours boutique with dainty spaghetti straps and a revealing low back. 

Noelle even debuted a new hairstyle for the special day. Ditching her recent auburn hairstyle, Noelle opted for a sleek half updo featuring honey ombré strands by hairstylist Jason Tavares. Her look was adorned with a gold and blush jeweled headpiece that matched

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Kandi Burruss’ White Bridesmaid Dress at Cynthia Bailey’s Wedding

Cynthia Bailey officially tied the knot on Saturday, October 10, and, as expected, the Georgia-based event was full of incredible fashion moments. Not only did The Real Housewives of Atlanta bride steal the show in two bridal looks (a glittering, blush ceremony gown and a sexy, curve-hugging, sheer reception dress), but her bridesmaids also brought their style A-game. 

Cynthia enlisted some of her dearest RHOA pals to serve in her bridal party, including longtime friend Kandi Burruss. Like the rest of the bridesmaids, counting Kenya Moore and Eva Marcille, Kandi donned an all white ensemble — with her own sophisticated touch. The Kandi Koated founder stunned in a bright white La Femme Fashion gown, detailed with a sexy thigh-high slit, a plunging, halter neckline, and mesh accents. 

As for her glam, she paired her ensemble with a sleek low ponytail that featured a surprise created by celebrity hairstylist Derek Jae.

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Bill Burr’s ‘SNL’ monologue calls out white women, and Twitter (mostly) has his back

Bill Burr hosting "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 10, 2020.
Bill Burr hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday. (NBC)

Comedian Bill Burr pissed off a lot of people with his “Saturday Night Live” monologue Saturday night.

The comic, who hosted the sketch comedy show for the first time, gave a seven-minute long stand-up routine touching on the COVID-19 pandemic and cancel culture, among other topics.

About three minutes into the monologue, Burr turned his attention toward white women, calling them out for being complicit “through centuries of crimes against humanity.”

“I’ve got to tell you, the way white women somehow hijacked the woke movement… generals around the world should be analyzing this,” Burr said. “The woke movement was supposed to be about people of color not getting opportunities… finally making that happen. And it was about that for about eight seconds. And then somehow, white women swung their Gucci-booted feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the

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Jack White Honors Eddie Van Halen Through ‘SNL’ Performance

Per their original schedule, the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live was supposed to have country singer Morgan Wallen as its musical guest. Reports from an Alabama publication found that Wallen ran up a fairly high coronavirus risk for the show after he was spotted at a college party, however, and as a result he was dropped from the show. Coming in as a well-prepared substitute for the late scratch, Jack White was announced as Wallen replacement on Friday.

Proving to be a smooth transition from artist to artist, Jack White took the SNL stage backed by a small band that was comprised of drummer Daru Jones and bassist Dominic John Davis.

For his SNL performances, Jack White delivered some of his best hits while putting a new spin on some of them. Playing three songs for viewers during his set, White’s highlight performance came with his closing track.

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Bill Burr’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Criticized for Jokes on White Women, Cancel Culture, and Pride Month

Bill Burr is no stranger to challenging woke culture and the accepted way of thinking. Yet, when he brought this unorthodox way of critiquing society to the bright lights of Saturday Night Live, some viewers were outraged by his comments.

Burr’s opening monologue had no shortage of jokes geared towards hot button issues. He attacked those who opposed coronavirus regulations and cancel culture, but it was his jokes about the appropriation of oppression that caught people off guard. Burr stated that woke culture was created for people of color but has been hijacked by white women who were looking to distance themselves from their hand in establishing racism. 

Burr also questioned why the LGBTQ+ community is awarded the entire month of June while Black people are forced to cram their celebrations into a 28-day month. Instead, Burr proposed that Black History month be moved to July because the weather

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White House Warns Coronavirus Spreading In “A Very Different Style” In Fall

Cooler weather is leading to more indoor socializing among families and friends, which leads to people taking off their masks. It’s a move which White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx warns is leading to “troubling signs” of an increased viral spread.

Birx already sees the Northeast experiencing a rise of new cases.

“What we’re seeing in the community is much more spread occurring in households and in social occasions, small gatherings where people have come inside, taken off their mask to eat or drink or socialize with one another,” Birx said Thursday at a roundtable discussion at the University of Connecticut in Hartford, Connecticut.

The new pattern mimics that seen in Southern states at the beginning of summer, she said, when people began heading to indoor areas to escape heat and humidity.

Birx said people relax precautions they may take in more public locations when among family

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Fashion designer dies, Cleveland Browns attendance upped, White House cases, more – coronavirus timeline Oct. 3-9

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Here is our regular roundup of coronavirus facts, figures and numbers regarding Cleveland, Ohio, the United States and the world Oct. 3-9:

Oct. 3: CNN says only three states – Texas, Missouri and South Carolina – are reporting a decline in new cases compared to last week, as the country hit its highest daily rate in almost two months. Twenty-one states report an increase in cases. Chris Christie, former New Jersey governor and aide to President Trump, announces he tested positive. He joins several other prominent figures who tested positive, including Kellyanne Conway and Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. CBS News reports that the California governor’s office, in a Tweet, suggests restaurant-goers keep their masks on “in between bites.”

Oct. 4: Trump leaves the hospital and takes a ride with Secret Service members, drawing criticism for leaving a quarantined and controlled health environment. The

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‘I just don’t want Trump for another four years.’ Are working-class white women going to elect Biden?

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks outside Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. <span class="copyright">(Alex Edelman / AFP/Getty Images)</span>
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks outside Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania on Tuesday. (Alex Edelman / AFP/Getty Images)

Nicole Peyton sat out the 2016 election because she didn’t like President Trump’s behavior and believed Hillary Clinton was “tarnished.” But this year, the “conservative-leaning” homemaker plans to cast a ballot for Democrat Joe Biden.

“He would be a better option. Anybody’s better” than Trump, said Peyton, 31, who dropped out of college to have her first child. Trump is a bad example for her five kids, she said as she picked up pizza for her family’s dinner on a recent Friday.

Whether women like Peyton decide to back Biden could determine who wins critical battleground states such as Michigan — which Trump won by 10,704 votes, or 0.23% — as well as Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The demographic denoted by pollsters as white women without a college degree overwhelmingly supported

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