The Incredible Whiteness of the Museum Fashion Collection

In the small group of high-culture institutions that venerate the art of fashion, Black designers have been largely overlooked.

It would have been one of the most glamorous events of Paris Fashion Week.

On Oct. 1 the Palais Galliera, the Paris fashion museum, is scheduled to reopen after a two-year and almost $10 million renovation with the blockbuster exhibition “Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto,” the first Paris retrospective of the designer’s work (hard as that may be to believe). There would have been a big party. There would have been Champagne and much swanning around. There would have been a lot of Chanel and Chanel-adjacent celebrities.

Now, of course, the evening has been canceled because of the pandemic. The museum will reopen by appointment, and quietly.

Still, select guests will get to ooh and aah over the show, as well as the other major change in the space:

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