Get To Know Black-Owned Luxury Jewelry Brand Yenae

Luxury Jewelry Brand Yenaé Is Bringing Ancient African Glam To The Mainstream

It’s a late Friday morning in New York when Black female entrepreneurs Felekech “Fei” Biratu and Seble Alemayehu join me to discuss the creation of Yenaé, their luxury jewelry collection. The line has been steadily rising in popularity, especially among individuals looking for jewelry with meaning.  Alemayehu is dialing in from the DC area while Biratu joins in from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—where they run half the company. Despite living 7,000 miles and a 7-hour time difference away from each other, the two are friends and partners who make it work.

“We’ve known each other for a long time,” Alemayehu muses. “Fei and I are from Ethiopia. We moved to the US right after finishing high school.” The friends were living in different parts of the U.S. but ended up attending the same graduate school. Alemayehu shares, “both of us are very business minded, passionate about our culture, and jewelry lovers.”

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