Megan Thee Stallion writes New York Times op-ed on protecting Black women

Megan Thee Stallion wrote a New York Times op-ed addressing her activism and the disrespect Black women face. The editorial, titled “Why I Speak Up For Black Women,” explored Megan’s experience as a Black woman in hip-hop and explained why she’s no longer afraid of criticism.

“In the weeks leading up to the election, Black women are expected once again to deliver victory for Democratic candidates,” she wrote in the piece, which was published Tuesday. “We have gone from being unable to vote legally to a highly courted voting bloc – all in little more than a century. Despite this and despite the way so many have embraced messages about racial justice this year, Black women are still constantly disrespected and disregarded in so many areas of life.”

In the op-ed, Megan addressed her own personal struggles with being respected, including her July altercation with rapper Tory Lanez. Nearly a

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Megan Thee Stallion Pens New York Times Op-Ed, Says ‘’Protect Black Women’ Should Not Be Controversial’

My dad emailed me about a week ago, with a barrage of questions: “Did you watch Saturday Night Live? Did you see the musical artist? What did you think of her performance?”

He was referring to Megan Thee Stallion, an artist he’d previously been unfamiliar with and wasn’t entirely sure he understood—specifically, how to reconcile her unapologetically sex-positive image (by her own design) with the mid-song declaration she made in defense of Black women while performing her hit, “Savage” on SNL. For my pops—and no doubt many others well-accustomed to the traditional “good girl/bad girl” binary, Meg’s identity as both righteous and ratchet might prove challenging, at first glance.

Megan Thee Stallion Calls Out Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron in Powerful SNL Performance, and Issa Rae’s Got Next for Hosting

My dad’s always been a fast learner (a trait he thankfully passed on), and we had a brief but

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The women of The 355 break down their action-packed spy thriller at New York Comic Con

NYCC Women Who Kick Ass: the Cast of ‘The 355’

EW’s Devan Coggan chats with Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, and Fan Bingbing about the making of ‘The 355.’

The women of The 355 may play super spies, but during EW’s Women Who Kick Ass panel at New York Comic Con, they let slip a few secrets about their upcoming thriller.

EW gathered Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, and Bingbing Fan for a virtual panel on Saturday, where they teased some of the film’s impressive fight scenes and opened up about female representation in the action genre.

Chastain, who also serves as a producer, first developed the idea for a female-led spy movie a few years ago while working on X-Men: Dark Phoenix with director Simon Kinberg. She soon recruited Kinberg to direct and Theresa Rebeck to write the script, which follows five international spies from different agencies

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Top model who vanished from New York a year ago found ‘confused’ in Brazil slum

A model who disappeared from New York after appearing on the covers of Elle, Grazia and Glamour and taking part in a Dolce & Gabbana campaign, has been found in a a slum in Brazil.

Eloisa Pinto Fontes was found in a confused state, wandering through the slum “completely disorientated” by a local neighbourhood watch team.

They had been given a tip-off that the 26-year-old had been ambling around for two days and didn’t appear to know what was going on.

According to local media, Ms Fontes was found in the Morro do Cantagalo favela in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

She was carrying a rucksack containing documents of her contracts with international modelling agencies and references from international photographers.

She lived and worked in New York

The model had disappeared from New York City a year ago, where she

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New York City Shopping Inches Back. No Store Required.

The city is woollier than it’s been in a while — everyone seems to be crimping the usual boundaries. E-bikes and scooters zip through the middle of the street, and restaurants have annexed the pavement outside their doors in hopes of keeping their businesses afloat. After a brutal spring and summer of pandemic uncertainty and economic instability, New York is doing its best to pass for its old self, but in truth, things haven’t felt this unsteady since right after 9/11.

In this context, shopping for anything other than essentials has felt foolish verging on irresponsible. I’m still haunted by the last item of discretionary clothing I bought before quarantine — so much so that I won’t share it here. Even now that stores are open, that humble jolt of electricity you feel when touching a new, covetable garment is almost always dampened by the rank sweat gathering beneath your

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Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza shopping mall to be sold to New York developers

The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall in Los Angeles as seen from the intersection of Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards. <span class="copyright">(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)</span>
The Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza mall in Los Angeles as seen from the intersection of Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

New buyers have emerged for Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza, a sprawling regional mall that has been a focal point of the South Los Angeles community since shortly after World War II but has struggled for business in recent decades.

New York real estate companies LIVWRK and DFH Partners have been selected by the current owners to acquire the 40-acre property at Crenshaw and Martin Luther King Jr. boulevards, the sellers said.

The sale is expected to close before the end of the year. No price was disclosed, but offers to buy the mall earlier this year, including one from Los Angeles developer CIM Group, exceeded $100 million.

CIM Group agreed to buy the mall in April but backed out of the deal

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New York City Ballet Dropped From a Woman’s Photo-Sharing Lawsuit

Two years after a photo-sharing scandal involving explicit images rocked New York City Ballet, a judge has dismissed most of the legal claims made by the woman whose lawsuit started it all.

The woman, Alexandra Waterbury, had sued her ex-boyfriend, Chase Finlay, saying that he had sent sexually explicit photos and short videos of her, taken without her knowledge, to others affiliated with the company. Because Mr. Finlay had been a principal dancer at City Ballet, Ms. Waterbury also sued the company, as well as its affiliated academy, the School of American Ballet, which she had attended from 2013 to 2016.

Also listed as defendants in the lawsuit were two other principal dancers, Amar Ramasar and Zachary Catazaro, who were not accused of sharing sexually explicit images of Ms. Waterbury but of other women affiliated with the company or school.

In a decision released late Friday night, Judge James Edward

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