Get a $100 gift card to use on Prime Day when you’re approved for Amazon credit card

Unless you’ve been living under a UPS box the last few weeks, you should know that Prime Day (more like days) is this week. Starting tomorrow, Amazon is marking down a number of devices, while other big sales are simultaneously going on.

You can check out the best deals that are already live for Prime Day ahead of the big 48-hour event. If you plan to buy a big-ticket item and you don’t already have the Amazon Prime credit card, we’ve got an offer you won’t want to ignore.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card –

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When you sign up for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card (and get approved), you’ll get a $100 gift card that you can instantly use on Prime Day. If you somehow have managed to never sign up for the credit card, despite shopping on Amazon constantly, kudos

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If you’re ready to downsize — especially with jewelry — don’t forget to try selling at pawn shops | Home/Garden

Orderliness is a blessing you leave your children. Which is how I wound up this week in a pawn shop.

For the record, I had never been in a pawn shop. I assumed they were for other people: gun traders, drug addicts, gamblers, those seeking bail money or who were otherwise down on their luck ― not that I haven’t run out of luck myself from time to time. But there I was, in my tailored blouse, good haircut and sensible pumps bargaining with a pawn broker as several closed-circuit cameras looked on.

Christine Gerardi got me into this. You may recall, a few months ago, I wrote about Gerardi, a jeweler who came to my home and helped me sort my jewelry. Besides giving me permission to let go of some dated costume pieces, Gerardi bought some gold jewelry I no longer wore for their melt value. (Huzzah!) During

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What to Know If You’re Planning to Elope Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, According to Wedding Industry Experts

Editor’s Note: Those who choose to travel are strongly encouraged to check local government restrictions, rules, and safety measures related to COVID-19 and take personal comfort levels and health conditions into consideration before departure.

a horse standing on top of a dry grass field: Getty Images

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If you had asked me a few years ago if I’d consider eloping, I would have raised an eyebrow in disapproval. While I love the intimate and romantic concept of escaping to say ‘I do,’ my favorite part of weddings has always been the people — the speeches, the dancing, and the events before the big day. But I couldn’t have predicted that 2020 would bring a global pandemic, rocking the wedding industry in its wake. And I also couldn’t have predicted that I would be newly engaged, weighing my options for a 2021 ceremony. Suddenly, eloping with my fiancé sounded much more exciting and alluring than ever

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You’re worried about a pandemic, the election and a safe Halloween. Are you ready to start holiday shopping?

Generations of families have kicked off the holiday season in Chicago with a trip to Macy’s —formerly Marshall Field’s — store on State Street, peeking at animated window displays before visiting the 45-foot-tall, 3,000-pound decorated tree at the center of the Walnut Room restaurant.

a person standing in front of a store: Katherine Nguyen, left, owner of Building Blocks Toy Store, helps shopper Erica Ozbek find a gift for a toddler at the store on Aug. 31, 2020, in Chicago.

© Stacey Wescott / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Katherine Nguyen, left, owner of Building Blocks Toy Store, helps shopper Erica Ozbek find a gift for a toddler at the store on Aug. 31, 2020, in Chicago.

The coronavirus pandemic won’t stop a tradition that began 113 years ago: The Walnut Room, closed since March, opens Nov. 7. But where diners used to stand in a rope line to wait for a table, this year, they will need to plan ahead.


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Macy’s is requiring reservations and will start taking bookings on OpenTable this week. To limit crowds, only groups having a meal will be able to

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