The beauty and near tragedy of Jose Zepeda vs. Ivan Baranchyk

Jose Zepeda and Ivan Baranchyk engaged in a five-round war that resulted in 8 knockdowns before a jarring end. It was sensational but nearly tragic.

You can predict a good boxing bout, but a classic contest occurs unexpectedly. The same can be said about tragic moments. Jose Zepeda vs. Ivan Baranchyk nearly transformed from one into the other.

On paper, going into their Oct. 3 matchup, Zepeda and Baranchyk were proven top-tier quantities at junior welterweight. It looked like good matchmaking from Top Rank from the fight’s inception, but the explosively concussive tenor of Zepeda vs. Baranchyk left anyone who viewed it in awe.

The final act produced a mix of jubilation that morphed into minutes of apprehension that left onlookers holding their breath.

Baranchyk’s orthodox stance, combined with Zepeda’s southpaw posture, helped create a powderkeg ready to burst. It didn’t take long before the initial sparks flew.

From the

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