The Best Beauty Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020 | The Strategist

Illustration: Pedro Nekoi

Another year, another (albeit slightly later) Amazon Prime Day. And this year, like in years past, we’re surfacing actually good deals on beauty products from Strategist-approved brands. Whether you’re on the market for a new nourishing shampoo, hoping to re-up on your everyday SPF, or looking to indulge in a new skin-care gadget for less, lots of our favorites are much cheaper than usual (if not the cheapest we’ve ever seen them).

Below, a list of the very best beauty deals from Amazon Prime Day, which we’ll update as new bargains pop up and others sell out. Note that everything will be on sale only until supplies last, so don’t dillydally — and be sure to bookmark our Prime Day hub and follow us on Twitter for any updates. (And remember: You need to be a Prime member to snag all deals.)

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