The Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week: Tsunaina, Shannon Thornton, and More

A wave of major makeup hit feeds this past week on Instagram. Model Tsunaina blessed followers with a glam shot featuring frosted lids, blush swirled from the cheeks up to the brow bones, terra-cotta lips, and pigtails with a twist. Ali graced Instagram with a Euphoria-inspired look: rainbow-hue lids outlined with star flecks that paired well with a hot pink pout outlined in black. Speaking of eye moments, FKA Twigs didn’t disappoint either with a gaze shaded in baby blue, snowy white, and bubblegum pink.

Glowing skin was on the menu as well. Isamaya Ffrench showed off her luminous complexion alongside her natural hair color, which she returned to for the first time in 10 years. Meanwhile, P-Valley star Shannon Thornton wished us all good night with silky skin and a swipe of Dior lip balm. Willow Smith basked under crimson light, adding that her “fro has been awoken.”

On the wellness front, Zazie Beetz shared her secret period-relief tea blend that includes red raspberry leaf, fennel, and lemon balm, while a cozied-up Indya Moore offered onlookers positive energy with her words: “Wishing everyone unlimited cuddles, access to holistic, quality love, honest friendships, focus, comfort, safety, healing, [and] kindness…”

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