The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Bella Hadid, Celine Dion, and More

It’s truly great to Celine Dion out and about. We’ve spotted her dressed-up, dolled-up, and stopping traffic. This week, she hit the great outdoors and, of course, in the most Celine way possible. She elegantly posed in between two trees in a stellar hiking look that consisted of a blue top, cushy cream sweats, and some sturdy boots. The singer left us with some on-theme words to live by: “Not all who wander are lost—Team Celine.” While it wasn’t indeed Team Celine who is responsible for this quote—it was the author J.R.R. Tolkien—we’ll let this one slide. Besides, we really like those sweatpants. 

As for those who remained indoors, Karen Elson showed off her dreamy, emerald look. She took an epic, editorial-worthy mirror selfie in an epically tiled bathroom ahead of the Spring 2021 Miu Miu show. The model opted for a glistening green dress, the perfect contrast to her radiant red hair. The quote was certainly appropriate for these lockdown times: “All dressed up with nowhere to go.” 

Someone who seems to be venturing outside (maybe not a la Ms. Dion, though) was Billy Porter. The actor posted a mirror selfie of himself in a very cozy olive double-breasted sweater. He wrote that “the show must go on but we must protect ourselves darlings,” while wearing a large plastic face covering and a lime green face mask. He then called upon his followers to join him in a #PoseForBilly challenge in which his fans send in their best mask photos. We’ll be paying close attention to see what those outré looks will be like. 

Finally, Bella Hadid has had one heck of the week. The model turned 24 and celebrated on a private plane. It seems that she received quite the present, too. While wearing a lace-up very noughties tank top and low-slung swishy pants, she posed with a friend who held up a poster of Ms. Hadid reimagined as several different retro personalities. Cute and glam. 

And if you’re looking for something to do indoors this week, take a cue from Dara. The model was watching Netflix’s oh-so-viral Emily In Paris show. She was glamorously lounging on a red couch with a bag of Cheetos nearby and left us with these wise words: “Thinking is hard, so I’m watching Emily in Paris instead.” Same.

Photo: Miriam Marlene

Photo: Miriam Marlene

Photo: @dee_termined_girl

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