These Amazon Prime Day Toy Deals Will Save You Hundreds On Holiday Shopping

It’s hard to beat that moment when your kid receives a new toy that brings a smile of joy to her face. And of course all those ensuing moments when she loves playing with said new toy are also pretty great.

For kids, playtime is also serious stuff. It’s through play activities that children hone fine motor skills, develop creativity and imagination, improve critical thinking abilities, and learn how better to relate to peers. So buying the best toys for your kids isn’t mere child’s play. And it’s not cheap, either, provided you want to get high quality toys for your kids.

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During Amazon’s two-day Prime Day sales blitz, you can score huge deals on some of the best toys out there, so whether you’re looking for a new way to keep your kid engaged in meaningful play right now or looking for the winning holiday and Christmas gifts for the coming gifting season, the time to shop is already here.

Playz Playhouse Jungle Gym Ball Pit

If you act fast, you’ll be able to snap up this fold-up play house, jungle gym, and ball pit kit for less than $50. It’s the ideal toy for active play in the basement or playroom, especially as colder weather looms meaning less outdoor time. Kids from toddler years well into elementary school will enjoy the modular kit.

National Geographic Sensory Science Kit

Science kits are enjoyable on their own, but this year, when many kids are learning remotely, the hands-on experiments in this kit from Nat Geo will be even more welcome, helping compensate a bit for the missed experiments conducted at school. Kids can perform more than a dozen different experiments using its contents.

Labele Baby Rocking Horse Unicorn

This soft and charming rocking horse is an upgrade on the classic toy made safer by a plush seat with a harness system that will allow your child to rock away without risk of falling over. Children as young as one and as old as three can safely enjoy the little unicorn, which is well-rated by past customers and sharply discounted during Prime Day sales.

BRITENWAY Educational Doctor Kit

Kids love emulating the adults to whom they look up, and for many kids that’s the doctor. This comprehensive medical kit toy has all the tools and supplies your little MD will need to take care of stuffed animals, dolls, and even the parent patient. And it all packs away in a handy case when the appointment is over.

LEGO Marvel Avengers Quinjet Kit

This 838-piece LEGO kit will not only be a fun construction project, but also creates a toy your child can play with once it’s built. The Ultimate Quinjet will have them channel their inner superhero as they battle enemies as Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, and Rocket.

Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

Lots of toy companies toss the label “STEM” onto their products without it meaning much if anything. Not so here — this kit will genuinely foster improved understanding of STEM skills like robotics, engineering, and programming, and more. Also the robot is just fun to play with, able to navigate obstacle courses, knock around little soccer balls, and more.

Ben Franklin Toys Talking Toy Cash Register

This comprehensive toy cash register can help teach kids math, money management, and even multiple languages, as it can be set to speak in English, French, or Spanish. It has a working calculator with a clear LCD screen and comes with 25 life sized “dollars” and 40 plastic coins. The register will make a welcome addition to the classroom or the playroom, especially when it’s 20% off.

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