This Hydrating Toner Mist Is the Ultimate Multipurpose Beauty Buy


One spritz, two spritz, three spritz. Ahhhhh. If your morning, mid-day, and evening beauty routine doesn’t include some type of toning mist, you’re seriously missing out — and not just on that relaxing “ahhhh” effect, but also on all the benefits a darn good spray can have on your epidermis.

That said, more hydrated, more refreshed skin is just a few pumps away, especially if you’re using one particular toning mist from under-the-radar skincare label Sukin. Its best-selling facial spray is so good, one bottle sells every 40 seconds. Forty seconds. And it has Amazon shoppers totally hooked thanks to its myriad of uses.

First and foremost, Sukin’s Hydrating Toner Mist is a, well, facial toner. It’s chock-full of skincare goodies like chamomile and rosewater that soothe, plump, purify, and cool tired, dull skin, and contains none of those harsh chemicals like alcohol and parabens that can irritate sensitive skin. Already sold? We were, too. 

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“Refreshed,” “hydrated,” and “rejuvenated” are some commonly used adjectives that pop up in customer reviews. The toner mist is the ultimate pick-me-up as it’s sure to awaken your skin and senses, courtesy of calming chamomile and gentle rose. (Bonus: Pop the bottle in the fridge to instantly cool off on a hot day). But there’s more to it than meets the eye, as tons of shoppers have actually crowned it their holy grail of makeup settings sprays.

“I don’t just use this for toner, but also as a sort of setting spray,” wrote one Amazon shopper. “I absolutely hate the normal setting sprays, and after applying powder, a few sprays of this [Sukin Toner] just gets rid of the powder texture and gives skin just a really healthy glow. Not greasy whatsoever.”

Whether you’re looking for something to soothe irritated skin or simply an easy (and effective) midday pick-me-up, this best-selling Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner is sure to be your calling card. Shop it below.

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