We found a secret coupon code for this air purifier that wards off seasonal allergies

We found a secret coupon code for this air purifier that wards off seasonal allergies

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Breathe easier with this air purifier and save an additional 30% with the coupon code: PURIFY01 (Source: iStock, Amazon)

Breathe easier with this air purifier. (Source: iStock, Amazon)

It’s the time of year when pollen and other allergens start to creep into the house, making it difficult to breathe. You don’t have to suffer and endure the watery eyes and sneezing that these airborne contaminants cause. Instead, consider this air purifier that filters out the allergens while emitting a fragrant odor around your home. The TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifier will remove allergens from your home, and you can get it for 30% off with a secret coupon code plus an additional 10% off using Amazon’s offered coupon.

Breathe air that is fresh and fragrant.

This air purifier cleans the air and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance. (Source: Amazon)

$34.99 $49.99 at Amazon

There are so many allergens and dust particles floating around in your home that make it difficult to breathe. The TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifier utilizes a HEPA filter with a UV light to remove 95% of air contaminants, leaving you fresh air to breathe in your home.

You know the air is clean when you can smell a lingering sweet aroma throughout the house. This air purifier features a fragrance sponge for adding essential oils. Simply put a few drops of your favorite scent on the sponge and the purifier will diffuse it around the space. The additional blue night light feature further provides a warm glow to set the mood for a relaxing aromatherapy experience.

The air purifier operates at a low noise level, so you can remain undisturbed during the day or while you sleep. The 3 fan speed options also let you customize the device to suit your specific air needs.

This air purifier is a great choice for cleaning the air in your home. With the special coupon code: PURIFY01, you can get 30% off plus an additional 10% off and save $20. Hurry and get your TOPPIN HEPA Air Purifier before this deal expires.