Wedding guest calls thank you gift ’ghetto’

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Your wedding is meant to be the most amazing day of your life. Some women have been daydreaming and planning their special day since they were little girls.

But in reality those dreams of planning the perfect wedding can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Yes, it can be exciting and fun but as most brides-to-be will tell you, it can be equally as stressful.

With a checklist longer than the trail of your wedding dress and the cost that of an overseas holiday, the last thing you need is to have that one guest who you only invited to keep the peace, complain about everything from the food to the thank you gift.

Growing up we were oh too happy to get a little bag of candy coated almonds in a pretty little bag or a slice of the wedding cake wrapped in cellophane as you said your goodbyes to the bridal couple.

What exactly are you thanking your guests for? Is it to say thank you for that gift you haven’t even unwrapped yet. Only to later find out that it is yet another toaster?

Is that thank you gift you spent hours researching, producing and paying for worth it?

Brides really go all out these days. We’ve seen all types of gifts ranging from scented candles, to gift boxes filled with treats.

a tray of food: Brides put in so much effort into giving their guests the perfect wedding gift. Picture: Instagram

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Brides put in so much effort into giving their guests the perfect wedding gift. Picture: Instagram

One such guest is Twitter user, @justnihaad, who was clearly so disappointed in her thank you gift, that she found it necessary to share her thoughts on it.

She posted a picture of the thank you gift, a small bottle of hand sanitiser she received with the caption saying: “I’m so sorry I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic but this is the literal ghetto.”

Her “complaint” soon backfired on her when Twitter came for her expressing their disgust, not at the gift but at her ungratefulness.

This is the type of wedding guest that makes some people consider eloping.

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