Wedding singer gets more gigs after her online word-war with a ‘stingy’ customer went viral

  • A netizen got surprized when websites started bringing back her once viral post.
  • She then asked everyone to move on as the incident happened two years ago and that she learned a lot from it. 

Facebook user Patricia Ivy Penano called out websites and pages that brought back her once viral post into light. In 2018, she posted about an encounter with a client who asked for her to sing 20 songs at his wedding for free.

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In one of her posts, the netizen said that she has been thinking all day as there were suddenly so many people sending her friend requests. Only to find out that websites did repost her two-year-old viral incident.

“My post was 2018 pa po. Yes po 2018 pa po. Madami nang nagalit sakanya noong 2018. Kaya kalma na tayo guys? Kasi ako po, kalma na,” she said on her recent post.

She added that a lot has happened in everyone’s lives in the past two years which means the groom, Joshua, probably realized that what he did to her as a wedding singer was wrong. She also said that the guy still has her Facebook account blocked.

“I tried to search his Facebook account pero hindi ko makita since binlock niya nga ako. Sinearch din siya ng family ko, pero sobrang dami ng kapangalan niya. Up until now hinahanap namin siya.”

Patricia then said that she just wants to thank Joshua for teaching her a valuable lesson in 2018 and that she will never reveal his identity as she is not that kind of person.

“Thank you for the lesson you taught me 2 years ago. I am more vigilant and wiser now.

I will not reveal your face since ayoko po mamahiya ng tao, kasi alam ko pag nireveal ko po identity mo, it may affect you and your family and I don’t want that to happen. Alam ko po kung gano kabilis mag judge ang tao ngayon. I hope na wag niyo na po maulit ito sa iba.”

She then thanked not just everyone that messaged, tagged, and mentioned her, but also the ones that accused her of making up stories.

“Thank you din sa mga nangbabash sakin telling na PASIKAT lang daw ako naniningil pa daw ako e hindi naman daw ako magaling kumanta. Thank you po mas gagalingan ko pa po sa susunod,” Patricia wrote.

“Thank you din po sa patuloy na naniniwala sa kakayahan ko. Mahal ko kayong lahat.”

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