What to look out for when hiring a Wedding Live Band Singapore company

Your wedding is almost approaching, and you are now looking for a live wedding band Singapore company to entertain your wedding guests. You are clueless on how to plan this feat, as this is probably your first time getting married. Well, hopefully, this is also the last time you are getting married too!

Planning for a wedding is one of the most daunting tasks of a lifetime, as this is probably the first time preparing for it, and also the last time. Everyone wants the best for their wedding. It is always tough for people to decide on what to do to get the best out of it.

One of the best ways to make your wedding the most memorable one for all your wedding guests is to engage the services of a wedding entertainment company. Some entertainment includes getting a photo booth where people can take silly pictures. Some include hiring a magician, making eye tricking tricks o entertain your wedding guests. Some include getting clowns or stand up comedians to make your wedding guests laugh their hearts out during your big day.

One of the best and the safest way is to engage the services of a Wedding Live Band Singapore company to provide the best wedding singers and emcees for you. You can never go wrong with getting live wedding music for your wedding.

Below, we will be detailing the reasons why you should hire a wedding live wedding Singapore company to entertain your wedding guests at your wedding. Doing so will undoubtedly make your wedding one of the best your guests can get when they attend!

1) Cheap and affordable

How much does your photographer cost? How much does your wedding venue cost? Are all of these costs very expensive? You don’t need to argue on this. All of them cost on the upwards of the thousands. You will have to pay thousands of dollars for all these people just to entertain your guests.

What if we told you, you can get the best entertainment at your wedding, at a cheap and affordable cost for your wedding guests?

Yes, you heard it right! You can get it at a low and affordable price for all your wedding guests, keeping them entertained throughout your wedding lunch or dinner.

The answer is simple. Just engage the right wedding live band Singapore company to your wedding, and you can have the best wedding singers and emcees to entertain your guests. You will then realize how quality entertainment and cheap rates can coincide with one another.

Have you never heard of this before? Well, now you have! What are you still waiting for engaging the best entertainment possible for your wedding? Are you even thinking of the expensive costs associated with hiring a live wedding and with backing your favourite wedding singers and emcees in Singapore?

2) Wedding Live Bands are great entertainers!

Imagine this – when you enter the ballroom, you see all your guests dancing to the music of the live wedding band performing on stage. How is that sight?

Now imagine this – all your guests are seated at their seats, solemnly eating their meals with no music, and no entertainment.

Out of the above two scenarios, which of them would you prefer? It is without a doubt that you will choose the first scenario, isn’t it? If this resonates with your answer, then you have come to the correct place! Because we too, would prefer having a band uplifting the atmosphere of the wedding!

Having a live wedding band will make your guests fall in love with the music on stage. They will be dancing their night along with the wedding singers singing their favourite songs on stage. You will never have a moment of dull at your wedding when you have this kind of entertainment, entertaining all your guests that you have not seen for a long time!

Do you want your guests to be dancing their night away?

3) Wedding Singers can also be Wedding Emcees.

Do you want a non-professional wedding emcee to host your wedding? What it is is the problem with most weddings. People want to save money, and they end up getting their friends, who are non-professionals to host the most important day of their lives – their wedding.

What happens when this happens? The non-professional emcee will be stuttering on stage, not knowing what to say, and also telling the wrong things on stage, giving people many facepalm moments.

You can be sure that this will never happen to a professional emcee.

In Singapore, most wedding singers can double up as professional wedding emcees. They will be able to bring up the atmosphere of the wedding, and ensure all guests are thoroughly entertained to their music and also to their professional hosting at your event.

You can be sure that having live wedding band Singapore company providing wedding singers who can double as wedding emcees will be one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding entertainment. Your guests will be amazed by them, and also you will save lots of money when you do this, by getting the singers to double up as emcees!

What are you waiting on right now?

4) Wedding Live Band Singapore provides dedication slips for songs

Everyone has their favourite songs in t, heir heads and everyone loves to hear their favourite songs. You are not different! You will have pieces that bring special significance to your life events and themes that you would think it’s the best for your relationship.

The same goes for your guests. They would have songs they loved, and when they can dedicate songs with live wedding singers singing them on stage, it will be a remarkable experience for everyone. They will immediately feel vital as they are now part of the performance!

In Singapore, wedding live bands will hand out dedication slips to every table at the wedding. Guests can then dedicate their favourite songs, and the wedding singers will sing them out to the best of their abilities, providing a heartfelt experience to your guests.

With this in mind, are you still having second thoughts on engaging a live wedding band, or are you already set on having your favourite wedding singers singing your song dedications?

We bet your answer is the same as ours’.


Wedding live bands are the best entertainment you can get for your wedding. It is already very stressful when you plan for your once in a lifetime event. To add on, the costs involved in it.

Getting the best wedding entertainment for your wedding is no doubt, one of the biggest headaches one can get. You need to do tons of research before you can get the best wedding live band possible for you.

One of the best companies out there is to engage a company in Singapore called Musical Touch. They provide wedding singers and emcees to your wedding.

Besides that, they also perform for corporate events, providing singers for corporate occasions that will entertain your corporate guests. If you are also planning for your corporate event, you can be sure that they will also provide the best entertainment for your company.

Corporate Events entertainment is also one of the biggest headaches a company staff needs to handle for their year-end dinner and dance or gala dinner. All the big bosses are around!

Whether you are planning for your wedding or corporate event, be sure to choose the right vendor to entertain your guests!

Happy planning!

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