Who has the best style on the team?

With only 25 percent capacity being allowed, Kyle Field is not nearly as full this season as usual. That means that most Texas A&M fans are instead watching games at home instead of being in the stands.

With being there, one thing people are not able to see is the weekly ‘Ask the Aggies’ feature on the videoboard. It is always a fun segment that the players seem to enjoy as they try to make each other laugh.

This week’s question during the win over Florida was who has the best style on the team. Judging from the answers, it is a contentious question.

True freshman Jaylon Jones had no problem immediately answering that it was him. However, that answer drew laughter from fellow true freshmen Antonio Johnson. Johnson thought it was him.

Kicker Seth Small also nominated himself, saying his mother knew how to dress him growing up and taught him to match everything he wears. Wide receivers Chase Lane and Hezekiah Jones also claimed the crown for themselves as Lane shared how he tries to recreate styles he likes by going to thrift and vintage stores. Defensive end Tyree Johnson also voted for himself.

One player, defensive end DeMarvin Leal, quickly admitted it was definitely not him. Fellow defensive lineman Bobby Brown also took himself out of the running, which is something Leal agreed with.

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