Why Charm Jewelry Is Perfect For All Generations

In the world of charm jewelry, more is more. Each piece is symbolic, and often sentimental—like the jewelry equivalent of a scrapbook, charms are collected as wearable memories that can be added to necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. And while charm jewelry is booming, it’s a genre that’s been around for centuries. Queen Victoria herself is said to have had a charm bracelet so beautiful and popular that it inspired the creation of Tiffany & Co’s iconic bracelet in 1889.

A pre-curated piece is always an option, but if you plan to create your own, follow this advice: “[Find] a larger charm that can be a an anchor: a piece that the other charms can all be built around,” says Jennifer Shanker, founder of MUSE showroom and frequent collaborator on charm collections with independent designers. “The most important thing is to find charms that speak to you. If you can find personal meaning in a charm, you will never want to take it off.”

Individual Charms

Single charms can be used as memory markers—when strung together, they tell a personal history.

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Helen Ficalora scallop shell mini charm

product image

Walters Faith Dora medium rectangular tablet charm

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Dezso Kyanite and 18-karat rose gold shrimp charm

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Jemma Wynne anniversary diamond crescent moon pendant

Customizable Charms

An engraving, date marker, or picture plate is a perfect way to mark a milestone.

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Jennifer Fisher large gold border enamel heart

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CharmCo custom calendar with diamond 14-karat gold charm

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Monica Rich Kosann small round mosaic half locket

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Mejuri diamond letter pendant

Novelty Charms

A versatile curation full of whimsy and charm.

product image
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Stephanie Windsor vintage 14-karat yellow gold car charm

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Catbird + Net Sustain Key 14-karat gold charm

Pre-Made Pieces

Pre-made options may cut a few corners, but aesthetics isn’t one of them.

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Have a Heart x Muse multi-charm bracelet

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Carolina Bucci 18-karat gold multi-stone necklace

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Jennifer Meyer mini-charm 18-karat gold diamond necklace

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Aurélie Bidermann Cassis charm bracelet

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