With a “Show on the Wall,” Loewe Delivers a Jolt of Fashion to Your Doorstep

It’s About Celebrating Collaboration

“It has been possibly one of the biggest undertakings I’ve ever done. Just the people involved and then tomorrow for every component there is like a whole category of content with it,” Anderson says. “The entire collection was designed in lockdown. I really wanted to kind of focus on this idea that we would use what we had, so use the leathers we had, use fabrics we had. When we did craft pieces, we just went to local people who were working from home, so it could be the whole basket look or the hand embroidery. The whole thing is really about obsessions, kind of like curiosity and obsession. I think it’s just an important moment, and I think it’s such an exciting moment to be able to try new things out. It might work for some people, some people might hate it, some people are having FOMO of missing shows. I don’t know. My whole thing is like I’ve tried to do it in a comprehensive way that it can be kind of an object that is a time capsule that you can keep one part of or give away the rest.”

He continues: “As much as this is like a very elaborate box, I feel the collection merited this because the factory, the craftspeople, the design team, that PR team, the marketing team, this entire company has come together to produce something in probably one of the most complicated moments. … You can’t be here, so you’re going to see it as a 2-D image anyway. So I would rather you fall inside the box.”

The Fashion Is Blown-Up to Real Proportions

“I wanted this idea that conceptually you could see the looks at a 1-1 scale, so the posters are 1-1 scale. I was trying to work out a way that people could actually get the impact of the look in front of you. This idea that you could pin it to your wall, kind of like, use your imagination and have an emotional context to it,” he says. 

But there’s more than one way to use a poster. “You could cover backs of books with it. Maybe someone might use it,” he wonders. “With the tool bag, I made it so people could use it as a bag. Each component has got a purpose.”

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