WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Women’s title No. 1 contender emerges as WWE Draft concludes

The second night of the WWE Draft tends to be a little strange with the rosters in a state of disarray and very few storylines playing out as the dust continues to settle. That was largely the case again on Monday night with several matches featuring talent from both brands.

While this did produce a few good matches, most notably Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins, it also made for a very scattershot show that felt largely inconsequential less than two weeks out from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. But the draft is now complete, for better or worse, and fans can start to see the skeleton of the next year of WWE programming.

Night 2 of the WWE Draft

The second night of picks went mostly as expected with a few notable changes to the Raw and SmackDown locker rooms. That included Raw selecting “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt with the night’s first pick. Aside from The Street Profits being drafted from Raw to SmackDown — and the Raw tag team championship along with them — all titles remained on their respective brands. You can read on for full round-by-round picks below.

2020 WWE DraftComplete round-by-round results, roster moves 

Raw Tag Team Championship — The New Day (c) def. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after hitting Roode with Midnight Hour. The match came after New Day and The Street Profits had a “title exchange” to hand over the tag titles for each team’s new brand. Roode and Ziggler, who would later be drafted to SmackDown, interrupted to say they were owed a shot at the Raw tag titles. 

It was a bit of a confusing situation to have a title exchange and Roode and Ziggler, who were drafted to SmackDown, challenge the now-Raw tag champs because they beat the former Raw champs in a six-man match the week before. The resulting match was solid, however, and certainly not as difficult to understand as the actual draft picks. SmackDown barely drafted any women across both nights. And, more disturbingly — in almost every case — if someone was in a feud, the person they had issues with went with them, so it feels less like a reset for the roster and more like a rigged shuffling of the deck. It’s hard to call the whole process a win. Grade: C-

Lana finds a quick fix for heartbreak

Dana Brooke & Mandy Rose def. Lana & Natalya via pinfall when Brooke pinned Lana after a senton off Rose’s shoulders. The match came about when Lana and Natalya interrupted Rose and Brooke on Miz TV and a fight broke out between the teams. The loss felt initially like nothing more than another week, another quick loss for Lana. After losing the match, Lana cried as Natalya called her stupid before saying it wasn’t working out anymore and that she was done with her friend.

Lana won a dual-brand battle royal for a future Raw women’s title shot. Heavy favorites Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler ran the early portion of the match until Jax saved Baszler from an elimination, but Baszler didn’t return the favor, later aiding in Jax’s elimination. It appeared Natalya had the match won, last eliminating Lacey Evans, but Lana had not been eliminated — she had been put through the announce table by Jax earlier in the match — and she returned to the ring before knocking Natalya from the apron to pick up the victory — and gain a measure of revenge on Natalya for abandoning ship earlier in the night.

Lana has been on a petty brutal losing skid, though that’s not been an issue given her best use is not as a wrestler. Natalya bailing on their team made total sense, since Lana was doing nothing but dragging her down competitively. But Lana winning was a nice little feel-good moment that serves a storyline between the two far more than it does Asuka as it’s hard to imagine any situation where a Lana title challenge goes well for her. Grade: B-

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Randy Orton delivered a show-opening promo before being interrupted by Drew McIntyre. Orton addressed his upcoming Hell in a Cell match with the WWE champion. McIntyre eventually cut in and reminded Orton that he had made a promise to “kick the crap” out of him every time they were in the same building. The two brawled in and around the ring until McIntyre got the upper hand and Orton ran off while McIntyre promised to have “more fun” through the evening. That would play out when the two men brawled to close the show, both getting in their licks before WWE officials broke up the brawl.

  • Kevin Owens def. Aleister Black via pinfall in a no disqualification match. Big highspot in the match where Black hit a meteora on Owens, driving him onto four chairs set up to form a makeshift table for a near fall. Owens won after a stunner and then a powerbomb through a table.

  • Lars Sullivan interrupted the second attempt at Miz TV. After his segment with Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke fell apart, Miz tried to host the segment again, this time interviewing John Morrison. This brought out Sullivan, who brutally attacked Morrison as Miz was able to escape.

  • AJ Styles def. Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins via pinfall after Hardy was laid out by a chairshot from a returning Elias. The match prior to the interference was a bit of outstanding TV wrestling that came after Hardy and Styles got involved in Rollins’ farewell address to Raw after being drafted to SmackDown on Friday.

  • Angel Garza def. Andrade via pinfall with the Wing Clipper. Zelina Vega was on commentary for the match and Andrade yelled “this is for you, Zelina” before hitting the Wing Clipper. Vega went into the ring to try and tend to Andrade, apparently conflicted after previously leaving her position as his manager. The lights then went out and came back to reveal Alexa Bliss and The Fiend, who hit stereo Sister Abigails on Andrade and Vega.

  • Ricochet def. Cedric Alexander via disqualification after pretending Alexander hit him with a chair. Ricochet and The Hurt Business made a deal before the match that things were over between them if Ricochet won. If Alexander won, Ricochet would join The Hurt Business. During the match, MVP tried to slide Alexander a chair, which Ricochet intercepted. He then smacked the chair on the canvas, threw it to Alexander and fell to the ground, causing the ref to believe Alexander used the chair and calling for the disqualification.

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